Sorgente Group Italia | Key Facts

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SORGENTE GROUP ITALIA is the Italian holding company of the Group - with its headquarters in Rome – working in the sectors of finance, real estate, building construction, infrastructure and restoration. It also controls, for Italy, a company dedicated to communication and publishing (100% of the newspaper il Foglio, 80% of monthly magazine Tempi and 2% of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno).

The main companies are: 

-   Sorgente SGR, Asset Management Company specialised in the establishment and management of real estate investment funds. From 2001 to the end of 2018, more than 23 real estate funds started operating - ;

-   Quorum SGR, an investment management company specialized in opportunistic/development real estate funds - ;

-   Sorgente SEIN, Energy and Infrastructure Company, Sorgente SEIN, controlled by Sorgente Group Italia, is focused on the development of biofuel production plants, in particular biomethane and bioethanol, together with solar and wind energy production aimed at reducing CO2 emissions. In particular, Sorgente SEIN, thanks to high-level partnerships and agreements, is able to cover the main components of the technical value chain, from design to testing, to allow full operation of biofuels and renewable energy production plants. Sustainable and renewable energy represent a growing interest of investors, in the light of future energy needs, at national and international level and the full decarbonisation goal, constituting an acceleration element in the adoption of the core principles of the so-called circular economy, which include the use of state-of-the–art technology and business models- ;

-    Sorgente REM is the Sorgente Group Italia company operating in the field of conservative restoration of prestigious properties, monumental complexes, architectural, artistic and archaeological assets- ;

Polimnia RES is active on the real estate services market and offers Facility Management, Property Management, Building Management, Project Management, Hotel Management services, as well as consultancy services in the same sectors - ;

-   Musa Comunicazione is active in the communications area, owns and manages the Sorgente Group's shareholdings in the publishing sector: the newspaper Il Foglio, 80% of the monthly Tempi, then sold to the Contrattempi journalistic cooperative. Through the group, 30% of the Gazzetta del Mezzogiorno was acquired; on 29.06.2018 this percentage dropped to 2%. Activities are developed in the editorial, graphic, advertising, promotional, television, audiovisual and digital fields, as well as in institutional and economic-financial communication. Musa Comunicazione publishes art books, exhibition catalogs, monographs and editorial productions on Corporate Identity, publishes studies and essays on Real Estate Economics - .



Registered and Operational Office: Via del Tritone nº 132 - 00187 ROMA
REA: RM 1214318 – VAT Code IT 10166741008
Share Capital: Euro 7.500.000 – Mezzi Propri: Euro 16.133.322
Total equity authorized of the Funds (30th of June 2018): Euro